Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, he is one of the most passionate, dedicated, devoted – teacher I have ever met. He is former Principal of Nelson School, Now the President of Satnam Sir’s Image Academy.

He has devoted more than 41 years of his life to his profession. Even today he is teaching more than 500 students on daily basis. In his own words, he says, “Teaching and preaching students is the essence of my life.”

He is a gentleman with a beautiful soul and a simple yet magnificent life. He has inspired and empowered thousands of students to be and do better than best, many of them have succeeded in their area of expertise up to ‘no limits’.

Guess who’s he? You guessed it right – None other than Honourable Satnam Sir

Interview With Aditya
Aditya interviews Satnam sir

Enters Satnam Sir…

Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!

“It’s my pleasure”

Me: “That’s your highness”

“Okay, let’s dive into it.”


“Born to serve the community of students.”

“A (gentle)man with a beautiful soul” (According to me)

It has always been a balanced diet. I treat my physical body as a temple and never let in any garbage – whatsoever. Not even any beverages (no tea or coffee), drinks etc.

“Burnout yourself to walk on the blazing path of success.”

“Teaching and preaching students is the essence of my life.” further he adds, “It gives me immense pleasure which is indescribable in words.”

“To create as many as – Philanthropists which can make this world a better place to live by contributing the best they have!”

Further, he says, “My mission, vision, passion, ambition, and profession all are aligned in the same direction, that is to create a better community of students – which can serve the nation and the world.

“Albert Einstein” He was a real genius.

For me, it would be only one name – Dr. H.L. Trivedi (Harilal L. Trivedi – A Nephrologist)

“Believe in ‘Simplicity’ and always aim the sky’s hight.” Further, he explains, “It’s always better to aim the sky and hit an eagle rather than to aim an eagle and hit a rock!

“It always starts with my religious transcripts. Along with that frequently I love to hear some devotional songs, which is sung by ‘Charanjit Singh’.”

Further, he continues, “And it keeps on playing in my mind all day long. This then is followed by a regular walk to Kankaria, and then I continue with my lectures.”

Then he pauses for a while and says, “Age factor plays a significant role in framing one’s behavior and activities.”


“My each and everyday is in the service of All Mighty.”

“Reach to the root level of the subject.” Your basics and fundamentals must be crystal clear. There is a well-known saying which goes like, “You can never build a skyscraper on a ‘sand base’. In the same way, if you want your children to thrive and break through the sky’s height, the prerequisite is: Your fundamentals ‘must’ be solid-rock based.

“Little indisposition also deviates your confidence.”

“I’m very much conscious about my health because my one day leave can cost me ‘future’ and career of more than 500 students.”

Yeah! I’m living my dreams, following my passion, doing what I love – all day long. But I should also say, I have worked harder than hardest to make my fortune, and design the lifestyle I’m enjoying now.

“Be Punctual, dedicated, passionate about your work. Love what you do, and serve with all that you have. Try to give your best shot, and be perfect!”

1. I’m really truly grateful that my profession is equal to my profession – in many cases, it is not the same.

2. Blessed with two most amazing children of the world.

3. Grateful for having loving, and awesome students, to share my wisdom.

4. Hereditary economical solidness. I have never had to strive for anything in my life. I was blessed with rich parents, and am grateful that I have been able to sustain the same amount of financial abundance.

5. Each moment spent in teaching and serving my level best!

Permitted my child to fly the glider from the height of more than 70,000 feet.

I must say, I’m addicted to my passion and to my last breath I would be teaching and serving the ‘community of students’ with all I have.

I personally think,

1. Social Media,

2. Flirting and passing time haphazardly is something I observe in people (of teenage especially) that seems strange to me. Everyone knows that they have very limited supply of time and yet they tend to act as if they have ‘unlimited’ time.

“Question Papers”

I personally make question papers tricky and mind storming. I love doing the research work and bringing the best out of my students.

The title would be something like… ‘Born to teach’ and the message it should convey is that ‘Always serve your best, and leave the rest to all mighty and trust him, he surely has a better plan for you if yours one fails.’

When I had just started my career, there was a time when I was been cheated. Someone took loan on the basis of my property with fraud property papers. After probably, 6 months, it was the one fine morning when it was a regular day for me, After finishing my morning routine, I was there at the class, charged up to accomplish a good day’s work. And as soon as I reached there, what I saw was ‘initially’ devastating. Bank had sealed my whole property, and I was clueless. At that instant of time in my life, I had no money at all. I was just about to start my career. It was a bit hard for me to overcome that failure.

“And, what are the best learnings from that failure?”

“SAVE MONEY! In the sense, you should always have a savings account in which you must keep saving some part of your principal amount. Because we never know when an adversity is going to hit us hard.”

I added, “Yeah! It’s always wise to build a dam before the water floods the town.”

“Rightly said. Precautions are always better than cure. That’s why you need to always be prepared.”

If anyone lent me 1 billion rupees, I would purchase books, and educational materials and use it all in educating people who are seeking for it. I would love to invest the money in educating those who are sincerely seeking for it.

Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and influence people?’

“And some of the best lessons from it?”

(A) Avoid criticizing, condemning or complaining.

“Every fool can criticize, condemn, and complain and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

(B) Praise others’ achievements.

“Abilities wither under criticism; they blossom under encouragement,” Carnegie wrote. Be lavish with praise, but only in a genuine way, he advised.

“Remember, we all crave appreciation and recognition, and will do almost anything to get it,” he said. “But nobody wants insincerity. Nobody wants flattery.”

(C) And just SMILE!

For me, the best investment ever made was the time spent in reading great books. They have significantly influenced all the areas of my life.

“SKIP IT” A lot of teachers practice escaping tendency which I think is one of the worst thing that I see in my area of expertise. Why should you skip anything? As siad earlier, to build a qutub minar, your base should be like a solid rock.

“Practice makes a man perfect!”

Bruce lee once remarked, “I’m not afraid of anyone who has practiced 10,000 different types of kicks once. But I’m surely afraid of one who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

“It would be something like, Be a seeker, student, researcher and a lifelong learner!

Rapid Fire Questions:

1. Mera Naam Joker (Bollywood, 1970, Old Classic)

  1. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People

Save money, be prepared anytime and every time for any kind of life challenges. And always be fit and fine.

My Teachers & Mentors

  1. My Wife,
  2. My Children,
  3. My Books.

Photographs of our recent picnic to saputara with all my children.

Be Healthy & Happy – sing the song of happiness all your life and spread the flavor of goodness as far as you can!

“I would love to expand my vocabulary reach!”

“I can not see anything else than ‘Maths and Science’ even if it is my dream or a daydream!”

“That’s awesome!”


“Be so good that they just can’t ignore you.”

“Listening is an art – cultivate it, elevate your listening skills and see the differnce.”

“Be a perfect listener.”

“Think before you leap. Think twice before you act. Never ever act in a reactive mode.”









Just as you! Exceptionally Phenomenal


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  1. Wow! Amazing! I loved the advice of practicing our art up to no limits.
    Truly said,
    “Practice makes a man perfect!”

    And I just loved the quote that you have shared…
    “I’m not afraid of anyone who has practiced 10,000 different types of kicks once. But I’m surely afraid of one who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

    Even I believe, “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

    Thank You so much, will try to implement it. It’s really amazing.

    Parameshi Vyas

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