Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is amazingly awesome with us, he is a passionate author and blogger, an ambitious electrical engineer, Relationship Officer, a philanthropist, a daydreamer, a believer of Lord Krishna and a student of life. He is a guy who went to the moon thrice in his dreams – Sometimes, in daydreams as well. A guy full of energy and vitality, who can find rhyme in every line. So, Please welcome KUNJ!
Enters Kunj…
Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!
 “It’s my pleasure”
 “That’s your highness”
 “Okay, let’s dive into it.”
Electrical engineer, Relationship officer, Avid learner
Nothing is fixed when it comes to my diet. Btw I am strict a vegan
“Learn covers earn…”


My blood group is B +ve you see it’s in my blood
I wanna learn a lot, help a lot, write a lot…
1. Ritesh Agrawal
2. Elon Musk.

My family engineering and job
just do it… #NikeDoesntPayme

Nothing is fixed yet but I surely meditate for a while in the morning.
Busy doing something because I like being lost in my world of work.


I am not an expert in creative writing but being a learner I have seen a long way and I feel one should practice and write as more as possible as practice makes perfect…
I am 21 now so I am not a great person to answer this question.
Why not… My memorable experience was my 6th semester when I became department head for tech fest. read my article lesson learned for more…
Learn to embrace change or else time will change…

I love being out of my confort zone as it has the maximum amount of exposure and I love to learn from it. Let it be my 4 years of engineering in GEC-M let it be my job in surat.. someone said correctly “magic happens outside of your comfort zone”

I lived my life according to the choice of people. I didn’t know why I choose science or engineering but at last finally I learned who I am.. as while learning machines I learned about the most complicated machine ever which is human mind.

“Never stop learning. Said by a young senior citizen.”

  1. My functioning 5 senses
  2. My loving family
  3. My awesome friends
  4. For the food shelter and clothes
  5. My work

I can’t remember to be frank as maybe I was a shy studios kind of a guy but yeah I recently started rap in whatsapp inbox which ended up raping the mindset on that person.

Spent some time with my loved ones and than write and complete my book. Nothing is better than imagination

Gossiping… People should talk about ideas, know things and opinions on world and so on as it helps one to increase the consciousness

I was talking on WhatsApp in class at the last bench and my sir selected me for the gd with title “mobile phone should be banned in education institutions?”
I am working on my dream project Kaavya. I will probably publish the book after 3 5 years. It’s something unique…

The name should be KUNJ PATEL – journey of a dreamer. The message will be something like YOU CAN!

My failure in engineering lead me to the preparation of cat which helped me to learn some soft skills which ended up giving me a great job.

I will build

Vipassana centre

– Educational charitable trust

I have a dream of perfect India and my NGO will work on it..

I wanted to be a singer… I always loved music..
The last book which I read was my geeta. I understood the essence of vaidik wisdom and more importantly I ended up with the idea of a book I.e. kaavya by kunj…
I invested a lot of time in books youtube videos and so on… I have learned many things from it
Now a days Writers are allmost every where so don’t write its not worth it. continue with your normal work only…


“Hmm… By the way, how many questions are still remaining?”

“Just a few more”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah! Sure. What would be the best advice you would give to your younger self?”


“Eat a bit less or else you will end up being fat…”


“I have tried bhang once and it was worst experience.”

I sold my books on olx to save money and buy another books.

Rapid Fire Questions:

3 idiots.
who moved my cheez
keep going with warm positiveness
The secret
My teachers
I can’t think of anything..
A bag filled with books clothes and a sleeping bag.
paani puri
bro chlo mobile muki n sui jaao 😀
Core Beliefs to live by…
  1. The secret of living is giving.
  2. Learn Covers Earn!
I believe in finding equality in our divided society….

1. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,

2. Elon Musk,

3. Robin Sharma

I have many mentors and I just gave the name of 3…
I am improving my eating and sleeping patterns.
I dream of helping and donating like bill gates and Warren buffet..
Food cravings

“Hey, you said only a few questions were left?”

“Yeah! That’s what I’m saying now. Only few are left.”

“Okay. Please Proceed.”


YouTube and google I would say 😀
United we rise divided we fall…
Love you guys and thank you for Reading my interview



Kunj gave 5 stars for his interview!

“keep inspiring and working for the betterment of society.”
“You covered all most everything…”
“Thank You so much brother for sharing your best. I’m truly grateful for your time, effort, energy and resources and will make sure that they are utilized to it’s level best.”
“Yeah! It was wonderful being here with you.”
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