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“I’m literally thrilled and excited to be here with you. It’s really a great opportunity for me to interview your highness, and I’m really-truly grateful to you for lending me the privilege of spending some time with you. I assure you out, I’ll make the best of it.”

Just have a quick look at some important notes:

1. Now, if you are on a mobile device, and if in case, you face some technical challenges while giving the interview, I would suggest you to answer the interview via our ‘type forms’ which suits ‘perfect’ for any smart device. Yes, if you face any ‘technical’ difficulties while answering the interview, click me to answer the same interview via type forms. (However, I would suggest and recommend that you give your interview via computer or laptop directly on the website (current page) itself.)

2. If in case, you face any challenges answering the interview online from this page, you can also opt for ‘offline interview’. You can do so by downloading this .doc file. It is pre-filled with all the questions. As soon as you are done with the interview, you can send that .doc file to (CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD THE .DOC FILE FOR INTERVIEW)

3. Moreover, if you wish to opt for a live/telephonic interview with Aditya, click me to schedule a live/telephonic interview with Aditya! (CLICK ME TO SCHEDULE A LIVE/TELEPHONIC INTERVIEW WITH ADITYA!)

4. If anytime, you feel some difficulty in understanding or interpreting any of the questions, I would suggest you to go through my own interview with ADITYA before you start yours. (CLICK ME AND I’LL TAKE YOU THERE)

5. All the questions are optional, and so, if you feel so, you can skip any of them. However, it would be great, if you answered them all! I would suggest you, not to skip any to make the interview more interesting and awesome!

6. How would you know, when your interview is live? I would suggest you to join our main WhatsApp group by clicking me, all the updates regarding the interviews, and site-wide activities would be shared via this main WhatsApp group.




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