Heya, welcome to interview with Aditya! Today, we have someone who is exceptionally phenomenal with us, he is one of the youngest and truly passionate transformational speaker, spreading inspiration with the flavor of humor, success strategist, peak performance expert, author of #1 personality development book entitled, ‘BE SUCCESSFUL: The Path Leading to Unlimited Success’, philanthropist, Founder & CEO of Be An Author, Owner of the goodness program, Founder, President & CEO of ADITYA BHAVSAR INT. INC.. An avid reader, student of life, a (gentle)man with a smile on his lips, love in his heart and great thoughts in his mind! Guess who is he? You guessed it right, ADITYA BHAVSAR!
Enters Aditya…
Me: Welcome to interview with Aditya!
Aditya: “It’s my pleasure”
Me: “That’s your highness”
Aditya: “Okay, let’s dive into it.”
Meet the man with a smile!
For me, it’s pretty simple – I start my day with milk and some light snack followed by lunch and I conclude my day with fruits, light dinner, or sometimes only milk. It’s generalized for me. I don’t have any specific diet plan.
 “What it takes to be successful? A strong ‘WHY’. Because a strong ‘WHY’ can make the laziest person, one of the most craziest person of the world.”
The Secret of Living is Giving!
 To make this world a better place to live.
“I inspire people, because I want someone… someone to look at me and say, ‘I THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! BECAUSE OF YOU, I DIDN’T QUIT!’”
 For me, the answer is, Anthony Robbins. He has influenced my life to a great extent. Here is a man living his dreams, following his passion, and living his life to it’s fullest. He too is a passionate contributor, and a life coach. He has been a man, who has significantly influenced a major part of my life.

1. Anthony Robbins,
2. Jim Rohn,
3. My experience!
“Everything matters! No matter what.” I would put it in my house on multiple walls, and also everywhere around me, so that it would keep reminding me the importance of small decisions and actions we take continuously and consistently on daily basis.
The reason being is simple, it’s easy to ignore small decisions or a lot of small things, which could sum up to something huge and hazardous with the time. For example, reading is a good habit. “A book a month keeps the failure and disappointment away” and 1 hour a day with a book sums up to 2-3 books per month. 3 books per month sums up to 36 books a year, and that’s, in fact, a great number as compared to ‘0’. Now, it’s easy to read an hour per day, but at the same time, it’s easy to skip that hour a day. Success is not doing extraordinary things, Success is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well. So, I would never underestimate the power of small things and actions I take consistently.

Wow! That’s an interesting question. As soon as I wake up, I’m in for my shower. When I’m in, I listen to one of my online training course, ‘DISCOVER THE GREATNESS WITHIN’. It contains more than 12 scrolls for priming your subconscious mind. It has really helped me to tame my subconscious.This is followed by my morning ritual,1. Twenty minutes to thrive:
1. Twenty minutes to thrive: This is something, I never miss. It hasn’t been a day in a year since the last 1 and a half year, that I have missed this. I never miss this. It is a combination of some of my daily rituals. I start with three things to be grateful for today and end this exercise with a plan for the day. I never start my day without my ‘own’ unique plan reacting to people’s needs. (I teach this in detail in my sessions and seminars)

For me, I don’t have any daily routine, but I have a daily ritual. For me, to call my day to be successful, I have to complete all the following tasks:

  1. A kind act a day (It could be as simple as giving a Parle G biscuit to someone in need. As I personally believe that, it is never the amount that counts, it is the attitude that counts while giving.)
  2. Two crappy pages per day.
    This is one of the best advice I have ever received on writing and blogging. I’m indeed fond of writing and spreading my ideas and inspiration to wherever I could reach, but initially when I started, what used to happen was that I never would write anything at all, just because I wanted ‘perfection’ flooding from my pen. And that was a very rare event. So, then I made the rule of writing 2C pages per day, – no matter what. And from that day, I have never missed a day without writing. And that has significantly framed and affected my skills. Though every day, would not be a great day, but here are some benefits of doing this…
    1. It would make you feel so much fulfilled and satisfied which is indescribable here in words.
    2. It has enhanced my writing skills and made me far better than I was, and the best part is, I’m still evolving!
    3. It puts you up in a state where you would surely end up creating something phenomenal. Most of my days, I used to sit just because I had a rule of 2C pages per day, and end up creating something which I later call as ‘A MASTERPIECE’.
    There are a lot more benefits of this, the rest I would leave for you to discover and I would be awaiting for your comments underneath this interview…
  3. Appreciate at least one person in a day.
    This is something I learned from one of my very near and dear friend, Kunj. I have interviewed him as well. Click here to read his interview.
  4. Read for at least 2 hours.

This is how my daily ritual looks like. I don’t have any specific routine, but above are some activities that all my days have in common.

Oh! Wow! Tough question! However, my advice for anyone seeking to thrive in my area of expertise would be as simple as it seems, ‘THE SECRET OF LEADING IS READING’. Yes. That’s all. This one advice itself has a potential to lead anyone from where he/she is, to wherever he desires and deserves to be!

Hmm… I think if I would have started reading some exceptionally phenomenal books, from the very beginning… I might be somewhere else today.

 Yeah sure! When I was too small to understand the world, my mom and dad and my whole family had started forming some of my beliefs like, ‘Beware of strangers.’ ‘You should not talk to any stranger.’ ‘Don’t give anyone our address’ Or it would be something like, ‘Don’t take/eat food from strangers.’

So, I was a bit wired with this kind of thoughts and because of them, I would always feel insecure and indifferent. But it was not very long after that my belief system took a U-turn, my thought patterns were totally altered after that one experience…

One day, while coming from my mama’s shop to my home, somehow I was lost. I was alone, was terrified and devastated and was on the verge of crying. I was thinking, now what next? I couldn’t find the way, it was about to get dark, and I had no clue what to do.

Suddenly that day, a tall white man, with a bold-dark beard appeared. I think he guessed what was wrong with me! I was a bit scared and tensed and didn’t knew what to do. He approached me with a smile on his lips, and asked me in a very gentle and humble voice, “I think you’re lost while trying to reach somewhere…”

I just nodded, was about to burst into a loud cry, and he politely stood in front of me and said, “Hey, no need to worry at all! I’m here for you! God has sent me to take you back to your home… Can you tell me where do you live? Or your dad’s mobile number?”

He started collecting the basic details from me. At that time, I was feeling more tensed as I was acting opposite to what I believed. Out of fear and despair, I gave him all the details, to my best knowledge. However, they weren’t sufficient enough to find out my home. But I gave all that I had. This man, was listening me carefully, observing me and then came to a conclusion, “Okay, let’s start!” Then we started walking. I didn’t knew what I was doing, but I had no other option at all! On the way, he offered me, light snacks and some wafers and insisted me to have some. I took some, again by breaking my rules, and the things that  I was taught. After walking for approximately more than 40 minutes, I arrived to a place which was very much familiar to me. And then, I was confident, I showed him the rest of the way to my home. He kept on walking all along with me, talking and interacting, like as if we were friends from childhood.

And… That was my home! I jumped like anything! That man also seemed very much fulfilled and I was soo much happy to get back to my home after being lost like hell! That was the day, I broke all my old thought patterns which were then instilled in me by the people who care about me most! I developed new thought patterns, new core beliefs, and that was the day, I started believing that, “Life is awesome, God is great, the world is a good place and everyone has something good in them.”

The most important belief I developed that has shaped my life is that, “No one is a stranger. Strangers are the good people we have yet not discovered or met or tried to explore something good in them.”

That day, I developed a lot of new beliefs in me, which have shaped my life, and have been influencing me till date. That day, I decided to be like the person who dropped me home. Kind, compassionate, caring, giving, and a man with a smile on his lips!

 “Be Humble and You’ll Never Stumble” This was something, life taught me a hard way!

Anthony Robbins Research Int.

Yeah! I always wanted to be a man of influence and I always wanted to make a significant difference in the lives of many. I love what I do and I only do what I love or what I’m passionate about!

“RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN” Sometimes, you need to trash off the boundaries and go for what you want. 

 1. My family. (I love my family and people closest to me unconditionally. I’m really and truly grateful to God for he has blessed me with such a great environment and people.)

2. Each and every second of my life. (I’m grateful for each and every second of my life. When I wake up, the first thing I do is, thank god for adding another page to my book of life. I feel incredibly grateful for each day, as it is one of the most profound gifts by all mighty to be cherished and utilized to its optimum level. Who has a contract with life? Cherish and enjoy and be grateful for whatever part you have with you)

3. My experiences and problems of life. (They too have played a significant role in how am I today!)

4. My mentors. (For guiding me to the rightest path and lending me the best of the best philosophy they had)

5. G O D (For everything I own or dream of owning!)

 I gave my dog full bottle of Caca Cola instead of his regular milk. That was the night, he was on fire. For the entire night, he was outrageous.

I would hire the Transtedia Stadium and organize my full-day seminar that I have been planning for years!

 I personally think,

1. Gossiping,

2. Excess of social media,

3. Sarahah

Makes no sense. There are few more things on the list. But I won’t stretch it as I respect each and everything from that, and I know what I think or what I believe is not the constitution. People can be doing things, far different than my mindset or belief system. I never want to disregard that.


Right now, the most interesting thing I’m working on is something that you are reading. You guessed it right! Interview With Aditya!

Why? The answer is as simple as it seems. I love exploring unknown stories. I love learning from people. It is the best way to learn from other people’s experiences rather than experience each and everything in life by our own.

And each and every interview itself is surprising and fascinating to me. Each interview has something great to teach. Some message to share.

 The title would be something like… ‘Meet the man with a smile’ and the message it should convey is that, ‘The Secret of Living is Giving!’

I have never experienced failure in my life, either I suceed at the task at hand or learn something uniquely phenomenal and with that, I try again!

If anyone lent me 1 billion rupees, firstly I would build a business empire which has the potential to multiply the principal amount to hundredfold. And with that money, I would make this world a better place to live, I would make sure that no one in the world sleeps hungry. I would solve the problem of starvation and lack of food resources.

As a child, I always wanted to be more playful, more joyous, more curious, and just have fun all the time. To be frank, I had no specific plans for career. I just wanted to play all the time. I was least bothered for the future or least concerned about what happened in the past. I just used to enjoy and cherish the moment at hand.

‘Awaken The Giant Within’ was the latest book I completed by Anthony Robbins. It is incredibly amazing! It is full of tools and strategies to do and live better and a magnificent life!

The best thing I learned from it is that, ‘Problems are the gifts in our lives. We should learn to cherish them as well. Just because they are meant to help us. They lead to greater growth, aliveness, love, strength, certainty.’

For me, the best investment ever made was the time spent in reading great books. They have significantly influenced all the areas of my life.

“You should not follow your passion” is the worst advice ever received in my area of expertise.

  1. “Life is always happening for us. Not to us. Even the problems are the gifts if we learn from them.”
    -Anthony Robbins


2. “When it comes to the future, it’s far more important to be imaginative than to be right!”

-Alvin Toffler

3. “Be open to whatever comes next”

-John Cage


4. “Money is a great servant but an horrible master”

5. “Better to have and not need, than to need, and not have.”

One of my most favorite quotes is (adapted from Voltaire),

6. “Honor those who seek the truth, beware of those who have found it.”

For me, it’s a reminder that the path never ends and that absolutely nobody has this S#IT figured out.

7. “Life is and it will always be a mystery! You would never be able to figure out all the answers, and you would never be able to know the meaning of some events. You would never be able to understand why some things happened in your life, with you and how were they reasonable.”

8. “Anger is a hot coal that you hold in your hand while waiting to throw it at someone else.”

(Buddhist Saying)

9. “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance in the rain.”

(Adapted from Vivian Greene)

The list will go on! But these were some of the best I have in my journal.

“Hmm… By the way, how many questions are still remaining?”

“Just a few more”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah! Sure. What would be the best advice you would give to your younger self?”

“It would be something like, Life is too short to be busy with s#it! Just do what matters most!”

 “Mmmm… I’m a great tabla player, and I know how to play casio as well. I’m a passionate music player, and sometimes, when I’m alone, I just play some melodious tunes.”

Then after a short pause, he continued…”Yeah! I often go to the riverfront for a casual walk or to explore myself.”

Rapid Fire Questions:

1. Chaos Theory (Drama, Hollywood, 2008)

2. The Pursuit of Happiness (Inspirational, Hollywood, 2006)

1. Keys to Success by Jim Rohn

2. Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

3. Be Successful: The Path Leading to Unlimited Success by Aditya Bhavsar!

I have no complains for you. No regrets, no complains.I’m proud to be you! You lived your life without regrets. You lived your life, to it’s fullest. In fact, you lived a life worth remembering!

1. The Marva Collins Story.

2. Anthony Robbins – I’m Not Your GURU!

3. The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Tony Robbins

You can feel good and happy right now and anytime for no good reason at all. You can laugh, like anything, right now, for no good reason. You don’t need any reason to feel good or happy. If you laugh and keep smiling for no good reason, people will think that you are a maniac or insane.

  1. White House,
  2. White Spouse,
  3. And a few ‘White’ cows – just for some daily dairy needs!

As the Man Thinketh by James Allen

Ideally, I do a lot of self-talk, and the reason being is simple, ‘Everyone needs an expert advice sometimes in life.’  My self-talks are mostly empowering and positive and most of the time, I’m planning my day or a week talking with myself. It always starts with something like, ‘Aditya? How are you doing these days?’And my answer to this is always-almost the same, ‘Sparkling like never before or amazing and awesome! (As always)’ Then it goes to the second level where I start planning things out! ‘What are your plans for today?’ ‘Today, you need to do this, that … and it goes on.

Core Beliefs to live by…
  1. Life is awesome & god is great.
  2. Whatever happens in life, it does not happens to us, it happens for us.
  3. This too shall pass.
  4. The secret of leading is reading.
  5. Life is a game, play it as a player.
  6. Ask and you shall receive. (There are no questions with no-answers)
  7. Each life has a purpose to be served.
  8. Love what you do, do what you love.
  9. Be humble & you will never stumble.

“Life is too short to be serious all the time. If you can’t laugh at yourself, call me! I’ll laugh at you.”

1. Jim Rohn,

2. Anthony Robbins,

3. Og Mandino.

4. And my own life experiences!


‘The Art of State Management!’



“Hey, you said only a few questions were left?”

“Yeah! That’s what I’m saying now. Only few are left.”

“Okay. Please Proceed.”


“There is no such app, but it’s a function on my smartphone.”

“And what’s that?”

“My phone has a unique feature with which you can anytime turn your internet off or turn the phone to airplane mode. For me, that saves a lot of my time.”

“Develop an attitude of gratitude and it will surely lead you to multitude of treasure.”

-Aditya Bhavsar

I think what I was saying from the last 4 hours would be enough for my audience.





And, Till that,












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